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Expert Pest Control Services

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Welcome to Frontier Pest and Termite Services where we provide professional State of the Industry Treatment Methods - Chemicals - and Services for you to choose from.

You can count on Frontier Pest & Termite Services to detect and eliminate common pests in your residential or commercial property such as; SPIDERS - ANTS - ROACHES - SILVERFISH - RODENTS - BIRDS - BEES - WASPS - FLEAS and more!

Wood Destroying Insects

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Frontier is one of few pest control companies in Central Texas that specialize in the detection and elimination of Wood Destroying Insects including; SUBTERRANEAN TERMITES - CARPENTER ANTS - ACROBAT ANTS - POWDER POST BEETLES - and more!

Frontier Pest & Termite Services is a leading provider of WDI reports for Real Estate Agents with our comprehensive property inspections.

Termidor Certified Professional

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Termidor is America's #1 Termite Defense Product. And Frontier is Central Texas' Termidor Certified Professional. Termidor utilizes a revolutionary non-repellent, or "undetectable" chemical technology which termites can't see, taste, smell or avoid. Termidor continues to prove itself at being a fast and effective method of eliminating termites.

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