What You Don't See, Can Hurt You!

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No matter how your home is constructed, where it's located, or how old it is, it can be attacked by subterranean termites. They are a threat across 70% of the world and in every part of the United States except Alaska. They cause $5 Billion worth of damage in the U.S. alone - damage not covered by most homeowners insurance. And damage that can go undetected while it grows for years on end. Termites have mastered the ability to avoid detection, that's what makes them so destructive. At Frontier, we mastered the ability to identify termites before it's too late.

Inspection, Detection & Treatment

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Don't wait until pests cause expensive and dangerous damage to your home. Let an experts from Frontier Pest & Termite Services provide you with a comprehensive home inspection to detect early signs of pests or termites. We will identify and treat pests early, eliminating them early, before damage is done to your home.

Keep Your Home Safe with Frontier

If you see the following signs in your house, you might have termites. Email or Call (512) 912-6700 Frontier today for an expert evaluation.

• sawdust-like droppings
• dirt or mud-like tubes or trails on the structure
• damaged wood members (like window sills)
• swarming winged insects within the structure, especially in the spring or fall